Worker's Compensation


Worker Injuries In Ohio - How it works: 

        In the state of Ohio, there are special rules and regulations that employers must adhere to.  Work injuries are regulated and managed by the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC).  This system is beneficial but usually favors the employer when it comes to work injuries.  Only a very small percentage of BWC certified providers truly understand BWC rules and regulations and the paperwork required to complete in order for the injured worker to receive the care in a timely fashion.  Even fewer providers are trained or experienced enough to also fight denials they occur.  This makes BWC care to patients unattractive for most providers due to the amount of paperwork required.

Injured Worker Rights:

          As an Injured worker in the state of Ohio, you have many rights, including your choice of provider to help treat you and help manage the paperwork required.  Finding the right provider who understand the system, can complete the required paperwork, and will help fight to get treatment and your claim handled is key!   Many providers simply do not bother with the added work or are just unable to understand the complexities of BWC.

Why We are Different:

           At NEOH Functional Rehab, our providers are on the side of the injured worker.  Our decades of combined experience and having treated tens of thousands of injured workers ensures that the care our injured workers receive is right for them.  We also take pride in understanding and completing all paperwork in a timely fashion as well as fighting when the care requested has been denied.

       Other facilities often stop care once they are denied a request or simply provide the same treatment for all patients with the goal of getting as many visits covered as possible, without being concerned about the injured worker's ability to work/return to work and get back to pre-accident status.  

       These facilities often try 'maximizing' visits from worker's compensation without trying to get injured workers back to normal functional levels.  This typically results in these offices being 'flagged' by BWC which often leads to denied treatment requests, increased hearing times as well as delayed care (that is often uncessary).


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