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Disclaimer: this website/solicitation is being made on behalf of Alex Frantzis, DC (Chiropractic Physician). This is an advertisement.  Your name and information were acquired from public documents.  You are under no obligation to respond to this communication. 

 How You Are Being Scammed

If you were called after your accident, you were likely lied to scammed and part of an unethical (and likely illegal) scheme that will affect you in many ways.  If you were referred to an attorney or a specific doctor/office for care, it was likely you did not know the following:

Sent To an Attorney: Attorneys/lawfirms CANNOT legally/ethically call anybody involved in a car accident.  If this happened to you, they were breaking the law!

Sent to a Doctor's Office:  Physicians (chiropractors/medical doctors etc.) can call you using public records, but they have very strict rules that need to be followed.  These rules include:

  •    Name of who is calling (within first 60 seconds of call)
  •   The name of the facility they are calling from (within first 60 seconds of call)
  •    The name of the Doctor/Physician that they work for (within first 60 seconds of call)
  •    How they obtained your information (within first 60 seconds of call)

   If these were not done, or you were offered  gift cards/cash/gift certificates/gas cards, blocked their number/identity, lied about being from an insurance company/hospital/'injury network'/ police deparment (these places would NEVER call and send you to an office) you were lied to and they were breaking the law!

Why This Matters:  

1. These offices are well known to insurance companies, and they and their patients are often under invesigation.  This makes getting the right care and having your bills covered quickly becomes much more difficult.

2.  The care often given at these offices are 'cookie cutter' and of poor quality.  It can also be dangerous.  These offices are called 'mills' as everybody gets the EXACT SAME CARE.  If this happens, the individual (you) will never get you better.

In reality, what should matter is you getting the right care, so you can properly recover from your injuries.  But in these offices all that matters is the office making money while you continue to suffer. 

Who We Are:

Our Clinic Director, Dr. Alex Frantzis, DC, DIANM is a board certified Chiropractic Orthopedist with 15 years of experience having treated tens of thousands of car accident injuries.  He is often hired as an expert for both plaintiff and defense personal injury firms and by insurance companies to review other providers.  We pride ourselves on ETHICAL care and our clinics are multidisciplinary (many specialties) offering a wide range of services including:

  • Medical Management/Podiatry
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Massage Therapy

We also have a strong network of ethical medical specialists that we can refer to (when appropriate) to ensure you get the best care and recovery.   Our goal is to get you better while maximing recovery and minimizing stress.  We truly believe in treating our patients like family, and we would not want our family being taken advantage of, so schedule with us today!  

To schedule at one of our convenient locations and begin the process of doing this right click one of the links below  and get scheduled!  Or call/text us at (216)284-3077! 

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