Sciatica Treatments

When you have a problem with the sciatic nerve, it can cause intense pain that requires therapeutic intervention. If you live in the Cleveland, OH, area, sciatica treatment is available at NEOH Functional Rehab. When you’re under the rehab care of Dr. Alex Frantzis, Dr. David Pelletier, Dr. David Perse, or Dr. Jeremy Perse, you have experienced professionals in massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, and more.

What Is Sciatica?

This condition happens when the sciatic nerve becomes damaged or compressed. It's the longest nerve in your body, and issues often occur due to a bulging or herniated spinal disc. One can have a bulging disc due to an auto or workplace accident, especially if one had to strain and lift something heavy. When the soft tissue or nucleus inside a disc begins to bulge out, it can press upon your sciatic nerve, sending pain down your lower back to your buttocks area. From there, the pain may go down to your lower thigh and sometimes extend all the way down to your lower leg and foot. It usually occurs on one side of the body and can feel like a shooting jolt, tingling, or numbness. With early intervention from a professional, such as the staff at NEOH Functioning Rehab, you may be able to avoid invasive surgery.

How Is It Treated?

When dealing with sciatica in Cleveland, OH, the first step your therapist may take is to get your bulging disc back in place. Dr. Frantzis and the rest of the team at the rehab facility will use a multidisciplinary approach for anyone experiencing this issue. They tailor a plan for each patient. Therapy may include various stretching exercises that help stretch the spine and improve posture while reducing the weight bearing down on the nerve. During a chiropractic adjustment, the patient will lie face down on a table while the therapist uses a manual technique or handheld device to slowly mobilize the disc back into place. We may also use mobilized traction tables to create negative pressure within the discs, allowing herniated material to return to place, and providing them with more space in between the vertebral bodies. When undergoing sciatica treatment, you can expect it to take a few weeks.

The team at NEOH Functional Rehab assists the Cleveland, OH, community with care and rehabilitation for injuries from auto and workplace accidents. If you're dealing with pain related to sciatica, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for a consultation. We have two locations in Cleveland, so call Dr. Frantzis, Dr. Pelletier, Dr. David Perse, and Dr. Jeremy Perse at (216) 284-3077 (Scranton Rd) or (216) 721-9010 (Shaker Blvd).

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