Auto Injury

When you have had an auto accident, you may not feel any pain immediately. Not everyone notices symptoms of whiplash right away.  It is important to have an ethical auto injury chiropractor who can provide the services you require. Dr. Alex Frantzi, Dr. David Perse, and Dr. Jeremy Perse of NEOH Functional Rehab in Cleveland, OH serve northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. We have two locations in Cleveland: Tremont Functional Rehab and Health and North Coast Rehab.

Chiropractic care

After an auto accident, you may feel very sore. The force of a rear-end collision in particular can snap your head forward and back. This stretches the soft tissues in the neck. The seat belt, though potentially life-saving, can hurt your shoulder and upper back. Chiropractic care usually begins with an evaluation and then an adjustment. Chiropractors have a lot of options when doing an adjustment. Some types are vigorous and others are gentle. It can be manual or instrument-assisted. Whiplash can cause misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck and the back. 

Massage therapy

Chances are, after an auto accident your whole body may feel stiff and sore and the stress of having been in an accident can cause headaches and other stress-related pain. The accident can also cause adhesions and knots to form in the muscles. Relaxation massage is a much lighter massage that helps relieve stress. It is done in a relaxing atmosphere. Deep tissue massage will target the areas that have been affected by the auto accident to help with healing. 

Medical Care

Our facility is one of the few facilities in NorthEast Ohio that offers medical providers (MDs) that treat car accident victims.  Our medical providers have a combined 40+ years of clinical experience and extensive training in treating and managing car accident injuries.  We are truly the only facility where you can receive quality multidiscplinary care with decades of experience diagnosing and treating car accident injuries! 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses massage and other tools along with exercise to help promote healing without medication or surgery. 

At NEOH Functional Rehab serving Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas, we offer a variety of services. Dr. Frantzis treats patients at Tremont Functional Rehab and Health and North Coast Rehab in Cleveland, OH. Call 216-284-3077 for Tremont Functional Rehab and Health and 216-721-9010 or North Coast Rehab when you need an auto injury chiropractor. 

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