What's Important in Injury Claims

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Why a lawyer is the second most important person in a claim team, not the first….

In the aftermath of a car accident, many people tend to focus on their choice of lawyer and the extent of the damage incurred.  While these factors do play a role in dealing with insurance matters, they are not as pivotal as one might think. When it comes to car insurance injury claims, the primary determinant of value is... your treating doctor

Why your Doctor is Important....

The doctor you choose holds a central position on your team.  They are responsible for:

1) Documenting your injuries and treating them ethically and safely

           2) Connecting your injuries to the accident

          3) Making the right and appropriate referrals/ordering necessary tests, 

          And (most importantly) potentially serving as your expert witness in court. 

The entire worth of your case and the insurance company's acknowledgment of your injuries hinge on having the right doctor on your side. Selecting the wrong doctor not only jeopardizes your recovery but also diminishes the potential value of your case, possibly rendering it worthless.   

What if i go to the hospital or see my primary care doctor.... 

Going to a hospital or your primary care may seem like the immediate solution, but these providers often lack experience in treating car accident injuries, resulting in inadequate documentation. Additionally, large hospital systems may not cooperate with depositions, trials, or insurance companies, complicating andy potential court cases and proceedings.  Basically, most primary care and hospital providers WILL NOT be available to be your expert.

Who We Are....

 Dr. Alex Frantzis, DC, DIANM our clinical director, not only embodies ethical and reputable practices but also serves as an expert witness in car accident litigation and trials.  His extensive experience in depositions and litigation as a chiropractic expert makes him a valuable asset in your legal matters. Using his expert status on your side can result in the best outcome!  

Whoever you choose, just be sure to know their reputation and ethics, and most importantly, they aren’t going to cause you more problems down the line! Most importantly,  make sure that they are your best option at getting you better!

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