Regenerative Medicine

Chronic pain is the result of a long-standing injury to your soft tissues. At Tremont Functional Rehab & Health in Cleveland, OH, Dr. Alex Frantzis offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to alleviate your discomfort. PRP is an advanced regenerative medicine therapy for Cleveland, OH, residents.

You can also receive pain management treatments from our team of doctors at NorthCoast Rehab in Cleveland, OH, and Brook Park Functional Rehab in Brook Park, OH.

What are PRP Injections?

PRP injections contain a concentration of your platelets, a part of your blood that is important for healing tissues. When you suffer an injury, your body sends platelets to the area. The platelets contain growth factors that work with stem cells. These unique cells of your body have the ability to mimic different types of cells, such as tendons, nerves, and muscles. At the most basic level, stem cells create new cells to repair your injury.

How PRP Injections Help with Pain

Pain develops for many reasons, such as friction between bones, damaged tissues, and inflammation. PRP injections build new tissues to eliminate the source of your pain. PRP offers effective, long-term relief with no side effects when used as part of a regenerative medicine treatment plan for Cleveland, OH, residents.

What Types of Pain Can Be Treated with PRP Injections?

Dr. Frantzis recommends PRP injections for neck, back, shoulder, knee, and foot pain. These parts of your body tend to develop discomfort related to soft tissue injuries. The platelets in the injections help to grow new tissues and repair the damage, even for people who have had pain for many years.

PRP Injection Procedure

PRP injections involve a series of steps. First, Dr. Frantzis takes a sample of your blood. An average, healthy adult has 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood, so only a small amount of your blood is needed. The blood is placed in a machine to separate the components. The platelet layer is drawn into a syringe and injected into the treatment area.

How Long Does It Take for PRP to Work?

Platelets start to work immediately after your injections. It may take one to two months for the growth factors to build enough tissue for a noticeable decrease in your pain. Dr. Frantzis monitors your progress to determine if additional injections are needed.

If you live with chronic neck, back, shoulder, knee, or foot pain, Dr. Frantzis can help. He offers regenerative medicine services for Cleveland, OH, residents, including PRP injections. Call Tremont Functional Rehab and Health in Cleveland, OH at (216) 284-3077 to schedule an appointment.

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